Welcome to new Committee member: Heather Thorpe – Meander/Northern Midlands representative


Heather-Gaia Thorpe has a lifetime of Organic Gardening and many years of Permaculture experience. Her first PDC was gained in 1999 after being self taught since books on the subject were available. She recently updated her knowledge by doing an online PDC and her TAFE teaching background provides skills to pass on that knowledge. Heather-Gaia has contributed to many aspects of sustainable living in Tassie with T.O.P., Organic Herb Growers, Urban Farming Tasmania and by initiating the Plant Aid Project. As well as being on the Permaculture Tasmania committee Heather is part of the Repair Cafe Movement and teaches sewing with the WFG/Hazara Group in Launceston.  Her reason for being involved in all of these activities: “Being the age that I am I wish to pass on as much as I can before the ravages of time prevent me from doing so”.

Heather is the Meander/Northern Midlands focal point.


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