Meet the Permaculture Tasmania Committee series: Damien Crompton, Northern Permablitz Coordinator

There are some fabulous folks volunteering behind the scenes with Permaculture Tasmania who keep the organisation going strong. Over the next few weeks we’ll be introducing these fabulous folks, including sharing some of their Permaculture journey, including why they volunteer with PAT and the community activities they’re involved. We are starting this week with our wonderful Northern Permablitz Coordinator Damien:


“My name is Damien most commonly referred to as “D”, I began my Permaculture journey through a need to feel reconnected, not only with my surrounding nature and the world in which I live but also to reconnect with people and community. After reading Bill & David’s book i began to realize there were others out in the world with similar goals in mind, with the same principles (or close enough) and ethics that I was looking to be a part of.

Setting aside the obvious gardening positives for using Permaculture I began to look at how these same principles and ethics could be used to strengthen existing communities or create them from seemingly nothing. The chance to barter or trade for what I needed, the sharing of knowledge without want of return and the social connections that heal the soul. I guess you could call me a modern day Hippy  And you know what I LOVE IT 

Permaculture has helped me appreciate life as life, not as a tool but as a way of life that has the potential to change the way we see ourselves as a species on this planet.”

For De’s full profile you can go to our website here:…/damien-crompton-ordinar…/

For more details about Permablitz’s please check out the website here:…/permablitz-tasmania/ or the Permablitz Tasmania facebook group. We’d love to hear from you.

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