Membership benefits


We are *thrilled* to announce that Hannah, Anton and Frida at Good Life Permaculture will be *generously* offering 10% discount on all of their courses to Permaculture Tasmania paid members.

Good Life Permaculture is a Hobart based business that provides permaculture landscape design and education to help you live the good life. You can check out the *fabulous* courses on their website here:

You can also gain some great inspiration by following them on Facebook, Instagram or subscribing to their newsletter as they develop their thriving Hobart homestead with goats, chickens, bees, veggies and more.

To be able to access this fabulous opportunity you must be a current paid member of Permaculture Tasmania (PAT). PAT membership is $20/year and runs from July 1st-30th June for 12 months – meaning now is an ideal time to sign up. As a member you’ll have access to a great range or benefits including this one, and you’ll help strengthen and promote Permaculture in Tassie – and beyond. For more information and to sign up: to:…/membership/