New member benefit – Seed Freaks


We are *thrilled* to announce that Seed Freaks are our newest #permaculturetasmania supporting partner. They will *generously* be offering paid PAT members 10% of their online seed store until June 2019 (maximum three orders).

The team at Seed Freaks (Linda and Trev’s) passion is seed saving, stemming from their concerns about global and local food security, and anticipating that future generations will need to draw on a diverse open pollinated seed supply. They have also been instrumental in setting up the Australian Heirloom Seed Register, launched in July in Tasmania. Around 90% of the seed they grow themselves, and they are aiming to get to 100%! Go to: to check out their great variety. Happy planting!

Want to access this fabulous offer – then join up with PAT today. For just $20/year you’ll have access to this and many more great membership benefits – and be supporting the only member based Permaculture Association in Tasmania. We are staffed entirely by volunteers and are working hard to promote Permaculture in Tassie – and beyond:…/membership/