Launceston/Tamar Locals Group Lead Vacancy

The Launceston/Tamar locals group lead role is currently vacant. If you are interested in working with awesome folk to promote and organise monthly skill share events and/or other activities in Launceston/Tamar, we would love to hear from you!

The position can be shared and will suit folk who are organised, are passionate about community and who have a strong interest in permaculture. And ideally be available to organise or co-organise at 4 – 6 activities or more.

Activities could be things like organising garden/permacuture property visits, surplus & seed swaps, approaching people through your existing networks or even just identifying skills that group members may already have and asking if they would be interested in sharing their knowledge.
As Lead you can pursue ideas for activities that you come up with yourself or simply follow up group suggestions to make things happen.

Keen or want to know more? Get in touch via