Cob Oven Workshop

Contributors: Lauren & Oberon Carter at Spiral Garden

In January we hosted a cob oven workshop in our backyard, organised by Permaculture Tasmania and run by the lovely Clare.

Ten participants learned all the practical goodness and healthy fun of building an oven with natural and secondhand materials we had carefully gathered from as close to home as possible.

We provided nourishment and helped out where we could. Feet danced to mix clay, sand, water and straw, and hands crafted smooth render into beautiful spirals. There is something a bit magical that happens with these sorts of goal-oriented, educational working bees, especially when everyone is dedicated to their task and ‘gets it’. Such good vibes.

There are plans to carry the group forward to help each other build ovens, and probably share some pizza too! We can’t wait to fire our oven when it’s ready in a week or so, and to create a space around our oven for us to enjoy our garden and each other.