Permaculture Tasmania (PT) in times of Covid-19

With Covid-19 we’re all having to change the way we engage with each other to ensure everyone stays safe. As per Tas govt. regulations, PT face to face activities have already ceased.

Many will be doing food swaps/barters or sharing of goods and services such as books, tools etc. through their networks, which is a big part of permaculture ethics & community. 
Please continue to follow Covid safety including hand hygiene (wash/sanitise before/after handling items), contactless drop/swap and not engaging in swaps at all if you are unwell or have potentially been exposed.

For a good explanation of how the virus can be transmitted via surfaces click here – it goes into decent depth about the risks for different surfaces.

Take into account the travel & ‘stay at home’ regulations that are in place and we encourage members to check out the Tas govt regulations when making decisions about what they can/can’t do safely.

The PT Committee and local groups are working on a number of activities to keep folks engaged, share skills & knowledge, and continue building community resilience in the coming months. Stay tuned or get in touch sooner if you have an idea for activities too

Stay safe – and if any queries get in touch with the team via Thanks for your support to PT and being a part of our great community đŸ™‚