Making Permaculture Stronger with Dan Palmer | Free Webinar | Thursday 18th June. 7:30pm. AEST.

Join podcaster, theorist and permaculture designer, Dan Palmer, for a discussion and Q&A on permaculture’s strengths and shortcomings, how the movement has evolved and what we all would like to see happen next.

Is the future of the movement suburban? Is it broad acre? Wither the herb spiral? Register below and find out!

Permaculture Tasmania’s Winter Webinar Series is a collection of live recorded discussions with experts and thought leaders on topics related to permaculture, gardening and regenerative design. They are hosted by PT thanks to the support of our membership, but are available to anyone interested in these subjects. So please feel free to share them far and wide!

Here is the link to register for the webinar. Registration is free but required. And if you sign-up now, Zoom will add a reminder to your calendar.