Waste Not Produce

Growing from an idea raised at a local permaculture group event, members Robyn and Andrew started Waste Not Produce.
Waste Not Produce is a stall at the (then) weekly Margate Market selling excess produce from their own and other local gardens. Robyn and ANdrew donate their time and all proceeds from sales go to small local organisations, and so much good food is saved from going to waste in the process.

When their first venue at Margate Market stopped running Robyn and Andrew looked for new options to sell from. It didn’t take long and they continue spend a day harvesting or collecting from donors each week and another to set up and sell from their latest location the following day.

“Gardeners are happy that any excess garden produce will be used and locals love to get fresh produce, particularly if they don’t garden themselves. And community organisations are benefiting from the cash. It’s simple, and lovely. We enjoy it, and have met so many amazing people. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to do this.”

Recently Robyn shared this update:

“I’ve been collating the funds raised by Waste Not Produce/Waste Not Books, raffle and sausage sizzle over the last three markets at Woodbridge Hall and I’m very happy to report that we have donated a total of $1,966.90 to the Woodbridge School Association!
This has been a combined effort, with so many people giving garden produce, time, donations, providing moral support, buying produce and leaving the change…. many thanks to all concerned, up and down our beautiful Channel AND further afield.

We will be taking some fresh produce over to Mez at the Cygnet Community Hub this Friday 4th December to donate to local charities there, so if you have any garden surplus that you’d like to donate for that purpose, please let us know beforehand.
We will also be at the CYGNET CHRISTMAS GARDEN MARKET at THE CANNERY on SATURDAY 12th DECEMBER from 5pm. All funds raised at this market go to the ‘Community Refugee Sponsorship Initiative’ – providing comprehensive support to refugees wishing to move to the Huon Valley.

Please contact us if you have garden surplus to contribute to this market. The more we have, the more we sell and the more we donate.
Robyn Payne ph 0400 998037 and Andrew Geddes ph 0419 484010
Email – robyn.miles58@gmail.com
‘Waste Not Produce’”