Last call for new PT Committee Volunteers.

At the end of October, Permaculture Tasmania (PT) will no longer have the required Committee members to legally operate as an Incorporated Association.

And with the impending departure of more of our committee, the only way PT can move forward with purpose is if a new committed group (at least 5 fresh committee members) is willing to take on the legally required roles of President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Officer and Memberships Officer – within the next month.

This new committee will need to establish clarity on the relevance that Permaculture Tasmania has for our existing membership. Our exiting committee can handover the tools, templates, funds, and existing systems to assist you to deliver the relevance you have identified.

A list of the tasks associated with Committee members’ roles can be found here.

The new committee can choose to pare this back but will need to be mindful of constitutional requirements when doing so. Our Constitution can be viewed here.

As we are operating to a deadline we will need to hear from interested nominees with a clear purpose by the 15th October. If we do not have the numbers to fill necessary roles by then, the Committee will be looking to how we best support our amazing Local Groups to continue to thrive without a State level association in operation.