Life membership is an honour bestowed on individual financial members of Permaculture Tasmania whose exceptional, loyal and outstanding service and contribution has a provided measurable benefit to the organisation and permaculture in Tasmania.

Our Current Lifetime Members are:

Kym Blechynden
Peter Briers
Claire Burnet
Oberon Carter
Jo Cordell-Cooper
James Da Costa
A Eastland
Eva Foster
Blake Harder
Yvonne Harris
Monica Hols-Blackett
Hannah Maloney

Steven Joyce
Paul Kean
Priscilla Lane
Celia Leverton
Fiona MacDonald
Zoe Magnus
Penny Milburn
Jen Oconnor
Annette Perry
Rhys Pinkerton
Babs Reed
Della Cooper

Joyce Reed
Gordon Roberts
Mark Sands
Kirsty Sharp
Patricia Shires
Chris Steenholdt
Cassie Strain-Flockhart
Nick Towle
Mieke van Elten
Luke von Bamberger
Adrian Wedd