Permaculture Tasmania is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation created to promote Permaculture knowledge and practices. We aim to encourage discussion on Permaculture practices and activities across Tasmania and Australia, sharing ideas, skills and building community networks. The Permaculture Tasmania Constitution can be viewed here: 2019 Constitution We are managed entirely by volunteers and seek to advance Permaculture and…

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Being a member of Permaculture Tasmania means that you will become part of a lively group of people who are getting active about solving the world’s problems through learning, sharing and practising permaculture. We are the only member based permaculture Association in Tasmania and we are run entirely by a team of committed and experienced…

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Resources and Directory Links (listed alphabetically) If you are new to Permaculture in Tasmania, below is a list of Permaculture-related businesses and organisations, to get you started. You can click on each name to open their website or main social media page. The list is not exhaustive (few lists are!) but it reflects the breadth…

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Get in touch with us with any questions, to collaborate or volunteer, or to let us know about a Permaculture event near you. Please note: we are run entirely by volunteers and we will respond to your message within 2-3 days. Thank you for your understanding.

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Permablitz Tasmania is a state-wide initiative by Permaculture Tasmania by volunteers- transforming one household and community at a time! What is a Permablitz (noun)?: An informal gathering involving a day on which a group of at least two people come together to achieve the following: Create or add to edible gardens Share skills related to…

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