Amy is a registered nurse, a mother and a keen gardener who has grown up with a horticulturist as a father and a mother-in-law with a thriving acre property utilising Permaculture techniques. She is based in Launceston, with half an acre of clay and rock that has provided her with ample opportunity to explore Permaculture concepts, with many wins and as many failures.

Amy became expressly interested in Permaculture when she had her first daughter Poppy in 2015. The responsibility of being a mother to another human prompted the desire to look for ways to both teach her children concepts that ensure the protection, sustainability and safety of themselves and the earth that they tend, as well as to guide them to become more grounded, connected, kind and holistic members of society. Her previous experience as a clinical nurse educator and mother provides her with transferable skills that are useful as a member of the PT Committee.

Photo of Amy