Heather is our @PermacultureTasmania Instagram guest poster, sharing inspiring posts about Permaculture principles and activities in action from across Tassie.
Heather and her husband Macca moved to the Huon valley, from Margaret River, WA, a year ago. She is a recovering High School English teacher, a mum and a passionate gardener. She studied her PDC under Jeff Nugent at Fair Harvest Permaculture with Macca and her Mum in 2013. After completing her PDC, Heather went on to teach Introductions to Oermaculture and sections of PDCs at Fair Harvest as part of their teaching team. She and Macca now work as Permaculture designers and design implementers. In their spare time they work on their salvaged house and their own gardens. And in their spare time from that, they eat good food, drink coffee, brew and drink homebrew, try to rest and be mindful and laugh at how much they still have to learn.
Check out our Instagram page for some inspiration and great ideas as she starts posting this week! Don’t forget to use #PermacultureTasmania for any posts you’d like to share too.