I was first exposed to permaculture in the mid 90’s via a bunch of ‘crazy hippies’ as the locals first referred to them. They had purchased the most degraded, arid farm in a conservative cattle & large scale agricultural farming area in Qld.  The dams were dry & the property was no longer sustaining stock or agriculture.  I initially attended a weekend workshop on the property where they outlined a recovery plan for the land.  From these ‘crazy hippies’ I learnt the principles of permaculture (and dug many many holes for replanting trees & outlined contours in preparation for drains & swales). Within 18 months the previously considered ‘unusable’ piece of land was growing food, storing water & regenerating it’s pastures.  The locals were no longer calling them ‘crazy’ & were asking for advice for their own farms. From then on I was hooked. I’d been keen on growing my own food, minimizing waste, reducing chemical load, sustainability & self sufficiency for years. Permaculture connected all the dots & brought everything together with it’s systems theories, practical applications and the results achieved.

With degrees in business & accounting, a background in hospitality and project management, I now work in the renewable energy sector & enjoy applying the principles of permaculture to my life & property in the Derwent Valley.  I completed a PDC in 2014 and feel very honoured to be supporting Permaculture Tasmania in spreading the word & assisting others to learn more about living sustainably and applying permaculture principles.