A relative newbie to permaculture, I offer my time, commitment and various life skills to the Tasmanian permaculture community. I have studied business, human resources and information management and worked in many roles including human resources, property and infrastructure management and more recently at a fabulous small local community school.

Over recent years I have enjoyed slowing life down a bit, getting more into learning food growing and art making skills and generally taking the time to make better choices for myself, my family and my community.

My parents have and grandparents had the most welcoming and productive homes and gardens providing food and flowers plus places to work, build, make, share, relax and play in. It took until I was older to realise how essential places like these are. I love the positive impact my childhood has had on my life and hope I am giving my kids the same start in life.

I am extraordinarily lucky to work at The Cottage School, a wonderful community of like-minded people who support each other, celebrate our natural world and share time, ideas and resources. I have experienced a similar ethos in the Permaculture Tas Eastern Shore Group and hope to be an active member of this and the wider Tasmanian permaculture community through this role.