Resources and Directory Links (listed alphabetically)

If you are new to Permaculture in Tasmania, below is a list of Permaculture-related businesses and organisations, to get you started. You can click on each name to open their website or main social media page. The list is not exhaustive (few lists are!) but it reflects the breadth of work being done in this State. If you would like your Permaculture-related business or organisation listed here, please drop us a line via the contact form, accessible from the home page.

Codes: Community Organisations (C), Design Services (D), Free/Trading Resources (Fr), Retailers (R), Social Enterprise (SE), Training (Tr)

Within Tasmania

Backyard Bounty (R, Fr)

Barefoot Farm

Black Sheep Apiaries (R)

CENTS Community Exchange Network Tasmania (C, Fr)

Channel Living (C)

City Organics – The Eco rocer and Natural Beauty Store (R)

Designful (D)

Eumarrah Organic and Natural Food (R)

Farm Gate Market (R)

Fat Pig Farm (R)

FIMBY Food In My Backyard (D)

Good Life Permaculture (D, Tr)

Hobart Bike Kitchen (C, Fr, SE)

Hobart City Farm (R, SE)

Huon Producers Network (C, R)

Live Life – A Simply Healthy Store (R)

Milkwood (Tr)

Provenance Growers (R)

Rare Breed Poultry (C)

Resource Work Cooperative (C, Fr)


Seed Freaks (R)

Slow Food Hobart (C)

Source Community Wholefoods (C, R, SE)

South Hobart Sustainable Community (C)

Southern Harvest (R)

Spiral Garden (R, Tr)

Sprout Tasmania (C)

Sustainable Living in Kingborough (C, Tr)

Sustainable Living Tasmania (C, Fr, R, Tr)

Sustainable Poultry Keepers Association Tasmania (C)

Tagari Publications (R)

Tasman Eco Village (C)

Tasmanian Beekeepers Association (C)

Tasmanian Community Gardens (C)

Tiger Hill Permaculture (Tr)

Unpacked – Grocery Store (R)

Urban Farming Tasmania (Fr, SE)

Whistlers Ridge Permaculture

Wholesome House (R)

Wisdom Through Wood (Tr)

Further Afield

Permaculture Australia (C, Tr) (Australia-wide)

VEG Very Edible Gardens (D, Tr) (located in Victoria)

Perma Pixie (D, Tr) (located in Victoria)

Holmgren Design (D, R, Tr) (located in Victoria)

Pip Magazine – Australian Permaculture Magazine (R)

Other useful links

Permaculture Principles (David Holmgren-supported info about permaculture principles and concepts)