Bamboo workshop, Huonville


These days you can wear it, walk on it, sleep under it and even drink it!

Perhaps the world’s most versatile grass, Bamboo also presents itself as a great option for incorporating into your property or garden. Not simply valued for the end product, its cultivation can also provide you with privacy, shelter and help regenerate your soil.

Join us for an evening of debunking myths and demystifiying your concerns about growing Bamboo and learn about varieties suited to a Tassie climate and their benefits.

We will be discussing:

  • Non-invasive, cold climate clumping bamboo varieties
  • Applications in landscape and Permaculture design and
  • The use of Bamboo as:
    a fast growing windbreak
    a building material
    shade and forage for livestock
    soil regeneration and erosion control
    a source of biofuel, and
    food for us.

    This workshop will be presented by Geoff Pyne from Bamboo Van Diemen, Tassie’s only dedicated bamboo nursery.

    We will provide you with snacks and hot drinks whilst you lap up the info.

    There’s always an opportunity to learn something new, so why not joins us to chat Bamboo?

    This workshop is an initiative of the Huon Producers’ Network and Permaculture Tasmania, with a discount entry fee for members.

New member benefit – Seed Freaks


We are *thrilled* to announce that Seed Freaks are our newest #permaculturetasmania supporting partner. They will *generously* be offering paid PAT members 10% of their online seed store until June 2019 (maximum three orders).

The team at Seed Freaks (Linda and Trev’s) passion is seed saving, stemming from their concerns about global and local food security, and anticipating that future generations will need to draw on a diverse open pollinated seed supply. They have also been instrumental in setting up the Australian Heirloom Seed Register, launched in July in Tasmania. Around 90% of the seed they grow themselves, and they are aiming to get to 100%! Go to: to check out their great variety. Happy planting!

Want to access this fabulous offer – then join up with PAT today. For just $20/year you’ll have access to this and many more great membership benefits – and be supporting the only member based Permaculture Association in Tasmania. We are staffed entirely by volunteers and are working hard to promote Permaculture in Tassie – and beyond:…/membership/



Community events – Launceston THIS weekend, August 4th/5th

There are a range of *fabulous* activities coming up this weekend in Launceston as part of the Tamar Peace Festival.  A global village celebrating diversity in the community with cooking, basket weaving, making veggie planters and gardens, a mending cafe to prevent clothes going to landfill and much more. Check out the flyer below for a selection of events – and the full list of over 60 events are on the website too including a visit from Costa!

Note: this is not a Permaculture Tasmania coordinated event, though several of our members are involved with activities. For more information please contact the Festival directly.

Peace Festival


Free Steam weeding demonstration, Penguin

reseed centre.png

Our friends at the Reseed Centre, Penguin are hosting this fabulous upcoming event.  If you have any safety or environmental concerns about round-up and glyphosate, you should come and view this demonstration of steam weeding by local growers Kristen and Jeremy Robertson. Applicable to both small and large scale jobs. Free tea and coffee.

Date:  Saturday August 18th

Time: 10am – 12 noon

Cost: Free

Address: Reseed Centre, 30 King Edward Street, Penguin

More details:

Note: this is not a Permaculture Tasmania coordinated event, so more details please contact the Reseed Centre directly.


New member benefit – Pip Permaculture Magazine


pip-logo-transp-lrg                              pip magazine cover

Pip Magazine is your guide to living the good life. Pip Magazine is filled with ideas, information and inspiration to live in harmony with the planet. They also have a gorgeous Pip Store where you can grab your magazine subscription, informative books and other Permaculture, good life gear. PAT members receive a 10% discount for the Pip magazine subscriptions and books . You can subscribe to their newsletter, check out their e-store and products, and listen to a variety of Pip produced podcasts on their website here:


A huge thank you to our wonderful partners for their generous support to Permaculture Tasmania members, and for helping us work toward a more sustainable future.

*Free* compost workshops in Hobart

turn kitchen waste intogardengold.png

Our *wonderful* supporting partner Good Life Permaculture are working with the City of Hobart to run a series of *free* compost workshops to support you to compost your food waste at home and keep it out of landfill where it becomes a pollutant.

Why compost? Because…. did you know that food waste comprises nearly half of the rubbish in an average household rubbish bin and that up to (and over) 40% of landfills across Australia consist of pure food waste. Yuck! Once in landfill, food waste undergoes anaerobic decomposition (because of the lack of oxygen) and generates methane. When released into the atmosphere, methane is 25 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

So by composting your food waste you’re diverting it from landfill and transforming it into nutrient-dense compost to obtain a yield and produce no waste. Perfect for growing a great veggie patch in your own home or community garden!

Check out the website details and how to register for the *free* workshops held in August, Sept and October here:

Membership benefits


We are *thrilled* to announce that Hannah, Anton and Frida at Good Life Permaculture will be *generously* offering 10% discount on all of their courses to Permaculture Tasmania paid members.

Good Life Permaculture is a Hobart based business that provides permaculture landscape design and education to help you live the good life. You can check out the *fabulous* courses on their website here:

You can also gain some great inspiration by following them on Facebook, Instagram or subscribing to their newsletter as they develop their thriving Hobart homestead with goats, chickens, bees, veggies and more.

To be able to access this fabulous opportunity you must be a current paid member of Permaculture Tasmania (PAT). PAT membership is $20/year and runs from July 1st-30th June for 12 months – meaning now is an ideal time to sign up. As a member you’ll have access to a great range or benefits including this one, and you’ll help strengthen and promote Permaculture in Tassie – and beyond. For more information and to sign up: to:…/membership/


Volunteer opportunities – Southern Permablitz Coordinator

A Permablitz is an informal gathering on which a group come together on a day to create or add to edible gardens; share skills related to Permaculture and sustainable living, and to build community and have fun. Check out the attached photos here from some of our Permaculture Tasmania Permablitz events.

Our next Permablitz will be happening in Deloraine on 19th August (event details to be released this week). We’d love to get some Blitz’s happening across other parts of the state too and we are looking for a new *awesome* Southern Permablitz Coordinator (or team of awesome folks) to join our fabulous team.

The Area Permablitz Coordinator is responsible for promoting Blitzes, organising a team of volunteers for the event (facilitator, designer and worker bees) and ensuring a safe and fun environment for all involved. It can be filled by one person or a small team of people and is entirely voluntary.

If you think this sounds like you, or for more info, please get in touch with and let us know why you’d like to be in this role and what you’d bring. We look forward to hearing from you!

For more details on Permablitzes please go to:…/permablitz-tasmania/


Meet out new Committee member: Amy Buettel

Amy is a registered nurse, a mother and a keen gardener who has grown up with a horticulturist as a father and a mother-in-law with a thriving acre property utilising Permaculture techniques. She is based in Launceston, with half an acre of clay and rock that has provided her with ample opportunity to explore Permaculture concepts, with many wins and as many failures.
Amy became expressly interested in Permaculture when she had her first daughter Poppy in 2015. The responsibility of being a mother to another human prompted the desire to look for ways to both teach her children concepts that ensure the protection, sustainability and safety of themselves and the earth that they tend, as well as to guide them to become more grounded, connected, kind and holistic members of society. Her previous experience as a clinical nurse educator and mother provides her with transferable skills that are useful as a member of the PAT Committee.