Upcoming events – Oct/Nov 2018

Wrap up of previous events

It’s been a busy October with a range of *fabulous* activities in the North and South of the state. Permaculture Tasmania was an exhibitor at the Tamar Sustainable Living Expo in Launceston on October 13th speaking to thousands of folks during the day, including Costa from Gardening Australia.

We also partnered with Sustainable Living Tasmania and Milkwood Permaculture for a *fabulous* Author Q&A and book signing. We talked and tasted wild foods and seaweed, meeting current and new members and learning lots of new recipes for items growing wild in our backyard and community.

costa milkwood event.jpg    Events Coming up

October 27th

  • North East Coast Break O’Day Permies catch up, St Helens (PT)
  • Natural Tomato and Garlic Organic Farm tour and social picnic, Selbourne (PT)
  • Seed Freaks – Tomato Seedling Sale (Rare & Unusual Heirlooms) and farm tour, Surges Bay.

October 28th

  • Huon Locals farm tour and social gathering, Franklin (PT)
  • Seed Freaks – Tomato Seedling Sale (Rare & Unusual Heirlooms) and farm tour, Surges Bay.

November 3rd-4th

  • Building with Bamboo workshop by Bamboo Van Diemen, New Norfolk

November 11th

  • Intro to Beekeeping, Glengary and Beaconsfield (PT) – bookings essential as numbers capped for safety.

November 17th-18th

  • Introduction to Permaculture workshop, Beaconsfield – bookings essential as numbers capped for safety –

November 21st

  • How to get the most out of Solar, Sustainable Living Tasmania, Hobart – RSVP essential.

November 24th-25th

  • Real Skills 4 Growing Food, Glaziers Bay, Good Life Permaculture – Bookings essential.

December 15th-16th

  • Cob building workshop, Glen Huon. – sold out

January 18th – Feb 1st 2019

  • Permaculture Design Course, Good Life Permaculture, Dodges Ferry – Bookings essential.

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Please note:

We include events here that are coordinated by Permaculture Tasmania which are denoted with a PT in brackets. Please contact for any queries or additions.

We also include events coordinated by our financial members and partners for upcoming events, to book for these events or any queries please contact the relevant organisation listed. Permaculture Tasmania will not be accepting RSVP or answering queries about non PT events.

Please contact for any additions or queries.

Upcoming events – October

It’s a busy month coming up for the Permaculture Tasmania Committee and members with a *huge* variety of events coming up.

Tamar Sustainable Living Expo Satellite events: Community composting with Costa

There are a variety of community composting gatherings in Mayfield, Pioneer Park with Costa from Gardening Australia.


Thursday 11th October, Launceston


Friday 13th October, Launceston

Permaculture Tasmania will be an exhibitor at the Expo all day, and also running a free compost demonstration. Check out the variety of different workshops, displays and activities as part of the Expo here: Come down and say hello!

Milkwood Book Q&A with author Kirsten Bradley, Milkwood Permaculture, Hobart

Permaculture Tasmania and Sustainable Living Tasmania are *thrilled* to bring you this event to be held at Sustainable Living Tasmania,Hobart on Thursday 18th October.

Solar panels – Sustainable Living Tasmania

A variety of talks on Solar panels in Hobart and Launceston are occurring during October with our member, Sustainable Living Tasmania. Check out details here:

Thursday 18th October, Hobart

Coordinated by Permaculture Tasmania and Sustainable Living Tasmania, this is a fabulous opportunity to meet Kirsten Bradley from Milkwood Permaculture and like-minded folks in Tassie for this *awesome* Q&A/meet the author event.

Kirsten Bradley + Nick Ritar left the city to start a small farm called Milkwood 10 years ago, with a dream of living simply and within their means. Since then, they’ve been growing food, cultivating community and sharing skills for down-to-earth living wherever they’ve lived or travelled. Kirsten and Nick are passionate about re-skilling households and communities to create resilient, low-impact and positive futures that are accessible to all. They currently live, grow, forage and keep bees on a small permaculture farm near Daylesford in Victoria… [Continue Reading Here for More Information…]

2018/2019 Executive Committee

And it’s a wrap! The 2017/2018 Permaculture Tasmania AGM was held today (22nd Sept) combined with a social gathering and Permaculture property tour of *fabulous* Elvenhome Eco Farmstay in Weegena, NW Tassie.

A *huge* thank you to Graham for hosting us – you can check out more about his property here:


Thank you to everyone who attended today and our *wonderful* outgoing Committee members Nick Towle, Celia Leverton, De Crompton and Heather Gaia Thorpe. A special mention to *superstar* Celia who is a founding member of Permaculture Tasmania and has been on the Committee since 2005!

Please welcome our new and ongoing Committee members for 2018/2019 (and thank you to the new Committee in advance for your work in advance!):



Kym Blechynden, President

Amy Buettel, Membership

Kim Sanders, Treasurer

Claudia Vinson, Public Officer

Lisa Vogt, Secretary.

General Committee:

Jess Kursawe

Ruth Hall

Eric Smith.


*Free* Compost workshop – Beaconsfield, West Tamar



Come and join Permaculture Tasmania Committee members Kym and De for this *free* compost demonstration workshop in partnership with Beaconsfield House. 

Learn how to use food scraps, green waste and other items you have in your backyard/house and turn into low cost goodness for your garden! Fun, informal and practical activity to give you the skills to get started with your own home or workplace composting with plenty of time for Q&A.

Date: Sunday 16th September 2018

Time: 10am – 1pm (times are approximate only and will be confirmed closer to the date)

Cost: Free

Location: Beaconsfield Neighbourhood House, Grubb Street, Beaconsfield

This is a satellite event as part of the Tamar Sustainable Living Expo.

For more details you can check out the event page and RSVP here:

Not on Facebook? Then please contact Beaconsfield Neighbourhood House or email: for any queries and to RSVP.


Launceston Permies in the Pub: Bamboo


Date: Friday September 21st 2018

Time: 630 pm (meals available for purchase from 6pm)

Location: Gunners Arms Launceston

What:  These days you can wear it, walk on it, sleep under it and even drink it! Join us for an evening of debunking myths and demystifying your concerns about growing Bamboo and learn about varieties suited to a Tassie climate and their benefits.

This workshop will be presented by Geoff from Bamboo Van Diemen, Tassie’s only dedicated bamboo nursery in partnership with Permaculture Tasmania.


Free for paid Permaculture Tasmania members

$5 for non members to be paid on the night.


To RSVP or for more information contact so we can keep track of numbers.

We look forward to seeing you there!

New East Coast/Break O’Day locals group focal point: Lyn Keynes


We are *thrilled* to introduce our wonderful East Coast/Break O’Day locals: Permaculture Tasmania group coordinator, Lyn Keyes.

“I’ve recently moved to Tassie from Southern Victoria and have been involved in creating a Permaculture life for myself and my two daughters since the nineties. I loved sharing seeds, seedlings and home grown goodies and good ideas with my neighbours and friends. Being resourceful was bred into me by my dutch migrant parents who were economic refugees in the mid 1950’s. I intuitively create a frugal paradise wherever I go and it always brings me much pleasure and joy.
I re-visited a property I sold in 2003 and met the new owners who felt privileged to be harvesting macadamias, almonds, numerous varieties of stonefruit, apples and citrus that I had planted in the late 90s. Their property was now screened off from the road by a dense hedge of bee-food natives which were thriving and lush and only needed one summer of irrigation with a 15cm layer of straw mulch that the girls had helped me lay out.
Our new locals group members are learning to share ideas, knowledge and successes, ask advice and engage with each other socially. Connecting with other likeminded souls is joyful and inspiring. We recently had a Meet and Greet in St Helens so that we could put faces to the names we were connecting with on social media (fb) and are planning our first Permablitz in the not too distant future.
We look forward to welcoming more new members and learning to apply all of the Permaculture principles to our daily lives in this lovely paradise in Tasmania.
If you are based in the East Coast/Break O’Day area and want to get involved you can join the Facebook group here: or email: and we’ll link you up.

New member benefit: Southern Harvest seeds

southern harvest2

Southern Harvest is a family-run business that is all about growing – growing healthy, interesting food to share with family and friends, as well as native and cottage plants that bring colour, fragrance and habitat to the garden.

Nestled on 5 acres at the foothills of Mt Wellington in southern Tasmania, our winters are cold with regular frosts, so they value (and specialise in) plants for cool climates, and have a wider range of seeds both old and new varieties, including heirloom seeds.

Southern Harvest are generously offering 10% off the prices of their seeds to PAT members from their market stall at Salamanca Market Stall at Site 98 opposite the Supreme Court (and from their online store soon too shortly – stay tuned!)

For more information:


southern harvest 3

Bamboo workshop, Huonville


These days you can wear it, walk on it, sleep under it and even drink it!

Perhaps the world’s most versatile grass, Bamboo also presents itself as a great option for incorporating into your property or garden. Not simply valued for the end product, its cultivation can also provide you with privacy, shelter and help regenerate your soil.

Join us for an evening of debunking myths and demystifiying your concerns about growing Bamboo and learn about varieties suited to a Tassie climate and their benefits.

We will be discussing:

  • Non-invasive, cold climate clumping bamboo varieties
  • Applications in landscape and Permaculture design and
  • The use of Bamboo as:
    a fast growing windbreak
    a building material
    shade and forage for livestock
    soil regeneration and erosion control
    a source of biofuel, and
    food for us.

    This workshop will be presented by Geoff Pyne from Bamboo Van Diemen, Tassie’s only dedicated bamboo nursery.

    We will provide you with snacks and hot drinks whilst you lap up the info.

    There’s always an opportunity to learn something new, so why not joins us to chat Bamboo?

    This workshop is an initiative of the Huon Producers’ Network and Permaculture Tasmania, with a discount entry fee for members.

New member benefit – Seed Freaks


We are *thrilled* to announce that Seed Freaks are our newest #permaculturetasmania supporting partner. They will *generously* be offering paid PAT members 10% of their online seed store until June 2019 (maximum three orders).

The team at Seed Freaks (Linda and Trev’s) passion is seed saving, stemming from their concerns about global and local food security, and anticipating that future generations will need to draw on a diverse open pollinated seed supply. They have also been instrumental in setting up the Australian Heirloom Seed Register, launched in July in Tasmania. Around 90% of the seed they grow themselves, and they are aiming to get to 100%! Go to: to check out their great variety. Happy planting!

Want to access this fabulous offer – then join up with PAT today. For just $20/year you’ll have access to this and many more great membership benefits – and be supporting the only member based Permaculture Association in Tasmania. We are staffed entirely by volunteers and are working hard to promote Permaculture in Tassie – and beyond:…/membership/



Community events – Launceston THIS weekend, August 4th/5th

There are a range of *fabulous* activities coming up this weekend in Launceston as part of the Tamar Peace Festival.  A global village celebrating diversity in the community with cooking, basket weaving, making veggie planters and gardens, a mending cafe to prevent clothes going to landfill and much more. Check out the flyer below for a selection of events – and the full list of over 60 events are on the website too including a visit from Costa!

Note: this is not a Permaculture Tasmania coordinated event, though several of our members are involved with activities. For more information please contact the Festival directly.

Peace Festival