Being a member of Permaculture Tasmania means that you will become part of a lively group of people who are getting active about solving the world’s problems through learning, sharing and practicing permaculture.

Membership to Permaculture Tasmania costs $20 per year for an individual or family. Click the ‘buy now’ button below to sign up to a 1-year membership. Our membership now runs by financial year, and so we have the following information to explain the change over from the previous format:

Existing members: If your membership was to expire before 30th June 2017, then we revised the expiry date to June 30th 2017. If your membership was to expire after 30th June 2017, then we will revise the expiry date to June 30th 2018. Existing life members will retain life membership.

New members: If you apply for membership before 30th June 2018, then your membership will expire on 30th June 2019. This means that if you join up soon, you’ll get slightly longer than one year of membership (almost two years for the price of one!).

We plan to do a membership drive during June each year, sending reminders to people whose membership is about to expire.

Your membership fees pay for:

  • Running the Permablitz program
  • Guest speakers
  • Living skills workshops
  • Promotion of permaculture at events and online
  • Permaculture education
  • Connecting people
  • Insurance cover at workshops
  • Costs to run annual general meetings
  • Costs to maintain our website

As a member, you will also be entitled to:

  • Apply for scholarships to Permaculture Design Courses
  • Discounts to workshops and courses
  • Discounts from supporting organisations (TBA)
  • Keep an eye on our monthly newsletter and Facebook posts to be informed of these.

Thank you for supporting Permaculture Tasmania, and helping us work toward a more sustainable future.

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